Shiplap Wall

A tale of late-night woe. Late one night last fall, Ryan was pulling out flooring in the living room, and I was chucking it out the window onto the burn pile below. I was taking yet another a quick break, and stood staring at the wall of drywall in the living room. Textured drywall no less, which … More Shiplap Wall

House Tour

I realized there’s no point in waiting to show you our house until it looks finished. That will be years. Soon I want to go back and show you some of the projects we’ve done.  But for now, here is how it looks inside: unfurnished, mismatched, and missing doors and trim. One day I will … More House Tour

A Whole Lot-a New

We dramatically changed our lives last week. First, we got a puppy.   Kinza is a German Shorthaired Pointer.  She will be about 60ish lbs when full grown, and has more social energy than both her owners put together.  Currently about 11-12 weeks old, I took her for a 4 mile run/walk the other day. … More A Whole Lot-a New

A New Super for the Beehive

Each level or box of the beehive is called a super. Large super, medium super, small super. Our hive needed an expansion as Queen Hilda makes alot of babies. A little glue, some clamps, a too-big nail gun, and some varnish later, we had two new floors for the hive.