House Tour

I realized there’s no point in waiting to show you our house until it looks finished. That will be years. Soon I want to go back and show you some of the projects we’ve done.  But for now, here is how it looks inside: unfurnished, mismatched, and missing doors and trim. One day I will hang things on our bare walls and it will be much more homey.

First, the one ‘finished’ room (albeit filled with mismatched temporary furniture), is the bedroom. Here is looking into the room.


One of my favorite parts about this room is the morning light that comes pouring in this window.


The wall behind the dresser used to have a door connecting to the other bedroom. We drywalled over the door, making a nice little nook for dresser and laundry.


Here is the other bedroom.  It is empty right now because we just moved out of it into our own bedroom. We had to lay the carpet (Yay free Craigslist finds!) to pass the bank’s checklist, but will be flooring this room eventually as well.
Also I want a closet door. It’s all about the small things.


The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms.  I love the floor tiles and the ceiling. We still need a bathroom cabinet (we’re using a little bookshelf currently) and one day I want to pull out the plastic tub and put in real tiling on the walls and a clawfoot.


The living room is filled with light during the day. I love the view out the big window at the end; it looks out over flower and corn fields, and at night we watch the sun set behind the trees along the river.
The corner cabinet space here (where you can see we stopped flooring) is where the fireplace will be eventually. Ryan has to build a chimney first.

DSC_0853Hopefully this week we are going to finish patching the shiplap wall and whitewash it.
Of course we didn’t wire it for the sconces we want before we finished patching. So Ryan is carefully calculating exactly how to take out the fewest boards to put in the wiring.  First home remodel problem?


Here’s looking into our kitchen. This doorway will be trimmed.  The 45 degree corners were not original to the house, so they are coming out. In the kitchen you can see the remaining bit of painted white wood floors that were throughout the house.  I have to constantly remind myself not to curse when I think that someone thought it was a good idea. No matter how much I clean them, they never look clean, and are frequently cringe-worthy. We are very thankful for having laid flooring through the other rooms so we’re down to only one room of white floors.


But back to the kitchen. I am very thankful that everything works (mostly) and for a brand-new fridge. (on the wall facing the stove). The saving grace of this half kitchen is the fantastic pantry around the corner in the dining room, which makes up for the lack of cabinets.


But I dream about the day we get counter-tops, cabinets, shelves, and a kitchen sink that’s not plastic. But that will require me to actually decide on what I want and design it, which sounds immense.

If you turn around where you stand in this previous picture, this is what you see. I love our little dining room. The fireplace will be moved into the living room.  It will circulate heat better, and will allow for a full sized dining table. At the very left you can just peek into the pantry.  One day I’ll get a door for that too. The floor was already pergo, and we left it until we can put in real flooring. But we can’t floor until we decide on kitchen design and move the woodstove.

That door straight ahead is a second door into the bathroom. We are going to drywall over it, and add a built-in bench along the wall.  The sliding doors on the right go out onto the back porch.

DSC_0859Here’s a quick peek at the upstairs. Right now it is a pile of stuff for donating, random furniture and very messy storage. This is because when I remember something I need, it is always in the bottom of the last box I look in.
One day we will turn the little room on the end into a guest room, and the bigger room into craft/work space, and built-in storage.



That’s our little farmhouse, with hundreds of projects to do. Every morning we wake up and remember we get to live another day in this beautiful place. Especially afternoons like this with hot cider and a purring kitten in front of the fire.


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