A Whole Lot-a New

We dramatically changed our lives last week.

First, we got a puppy.



Kinza is a German Shorthaired Pointer.  She will be about 60ish lbs when full grown, and has more social energy than both her owners put together.  Currently about 11-12 weeks old, I took her for a 4 mile run/walk the other day.  She was still bouncing off the walls when we got home, but did take a nice long nap. GSPs are notorious for being very smart and having lots of energy.  I am constantly surprised at how fast she learns commands and also how well she gets into trouble.


Secondly, we bought a house in Carnation, WA.  It’s a charming little town surrounded by fruit and vegetable farms, CSAs, dairies, and lots of friendly people. Ryan is smiling all the time about being back in the country where the traffic is slim and the neighbors are neighborly. I’m adjusting, but loving it already. Tthis morning I went over to the berry farm a block away to pick strawberries for jam and met one of the owners.  Just like that I have twelve jars of jam and a new friend.

Our little 1925 farmhouse is on half an acre, and has a barn, a greenhouse, and a shed. It needs cleanup and work on pretty much every inch (except the bathroom), so we’ll be very busy. I’ll be chronically our projects here for you. Here’s a peek at the place as you pull into the driveway.


There were many many hoops to jump through in order to purchase and move in. There were a few projects the appraiser required for the loan to close, so we spent our Memorial Day weekend working on the house that was yet to be ours.  We had to lay flooring in one of the two bedrooms (we put in craigslisted carpet that we are tearing out again this weekend), tiled the front entry and patched some drywall. We’ll be laying the rest of the floors in the next month or two, at which point we’ll get to unpack all the boxes.


We have a long list of projects, including moving the fireplace from the dining room to the living room, flooring, painting, trimwork, tiling in the mud room, pretty much a whole kitchen, finishing the attic, and framing over some random interior doors. We’ll have a good couple of years working on these, but it’s our favorite hobby.

And finally, one of the best parts is the Snoqualmie River a 10 minute walk away. Hot summer afternoons and early fishing mornings are just waiting to happen.


You are all welcome to visit anytime!


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