Ryan’s Version of Homemade Christmas Gifts

When I told Ryan I wanted to make homemade gifts this year for Christmas, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I had a vague picture in my head of some cute projects that would be fun little gifts for friends and cheery hostess gifts that would occupy a pleasant afternoon of crafting. Ryan, on the other hand, was picturing gifts that I couldn’t even begin to be able to make. I love that he pushes me to try attempt projects I would be a little scared of.  At least I know I can always go running to Ryan and ask him to fix it. Every month we’re married I appreciate his patience and long-suffering more and more.

He made a beautiful long handled maple cutting board for his mother, which sadly I wrapped and mailed without snapping a picture.

He cut, routed, and sanded a piece of wood for a cheese board for my mom. I wood-burned the word ‘Cheese’ into it and finished it with our beeswax and linseed oil rub.


His favorite project was making three cribbage boards from some pieces of wine barrel a friend gave us. I would have given up at the details necessary to make it precise, but he spent hours sketching out the pegging holes. Then hours more practicing a steady hand on the drill press.  The board pictured is (obviously) the one with the cork hole. The others were narrower, but without the hole. I love how the back of the boards are stained an impossibly dark purple-y red from the wine.






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