Independence Day in the Mountains

In our effort to squeeze in as many camping trips as possible during the sunny months, we went camping over Fourth of July. Really, the holiday was very accommodating to fall on a Friday to give us a three day weekend. We escaped to the mountains away from the crowds and the noise. Up to where showers are optional and housework is minimal.

We drove up to the Icicle Creek area outside of Leavenworth, WA. And since one of the friends we went with had spent a summer backpacking the area, he knew all the secrets. Such as where to camp to avoid the masses of generators and crowds and stereos of the normal campgrounds, yet still on a creek for water. We’re really starting to get very attached to the blessing of a 4runner that allows us to use out-of-the-way-not-a-campground sites. Ryan has almost won me over to an additional 2 inches of lift. Almost. But then I try to get into it in a pencil skirt and all bets are off.


We hiked to Stuart Lake one day. It was longer, buggier, and colder than we expected; and as beautiful and worth every minute as we’d hoped.




Ryan took a nap break.


Andrew fishing a Nalgene out of the lake.





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