Ryan finally has a Charcoal Grill

This whole saga started a couple weeks ago, when we helped a friend pick up their new grill. It was a beautiful shiny Weber grill with a hybrid of charcoal and gas, a perfect choice. It’s a charcoal grill, but the coals are kick started with a gas ignition.  Coals are ready to roll in 20 minutes flat.

We love our little Craigslist gas grill, but Ryan was pretty impressed with this new one. And he’s been wanting a charcoal grill for a while.

So he talked to his people.

Whenever Ryan decides he going to find something, I picture him as a mob boss. He tells mafia members to get him something, and they scatter, only daring to come back when they have something. Seriously, that is what plays out in my head when he says he’ll look for something. I think in reality it’s more his patience and searching that really wins the prize. But I prefer the pinstripes and cigars version playing out in my head.

So he talked to his people.DSC_0385

And a couple days ago his best friends at Got Junk came through for him.  It is the previous model, but a beautiful, practically unused Weber charcoal gas hybrid grill. Originally priced much too high, Ryan went back the next day, and that day’s attendant gave it to him at half price for $10.  And as always at this place, Ryan got them to throw in a little extra, a replacement gas line.  (When he bought a ladder they threw in a cooler, and we got a baseball bat with our fire pit). After some cleaning and a new grate, we were ready for grilling.

We’ve decided to go with wood lump charcoal instead of briquettes.  It’s a little more expensive, but the residual wood particles add a wood-smoked flavor to the grilling, besides being free of the chemical additives.

Bring on the BBQs.






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