Herb Window Boxes

Guys, I am have now arrived to grown-up-ness when I get excited about things like window boxes and herb gardens.

Ryan came home the other day with a couple boards tied to the top of the car.  He’d seen them along the side of the road at his favorite junk yard. What, you don’t have a favorite junk yard?  Everyone should have one, preferably where the proprietors are willing to negotiate and throw in extras like baseball bats and coolers. (yep, both of those happened) Ryan finds the best treasures there.

But as I was saying, these boards were free, and he wanted to build window boxes for the front of our house. They are lovely, true 1-inch thick 10 foot pieces.  After further inspection, we  decided to just go buy cheap cedar planks to build the boxes. The side-of-the-road boards were too cool to cut up into little window boxes.

But regardless, we took a trip to visit friends and Ryan’s tablesaw that lives in their garage to cut the cedar, and less than a week later, we had these boxes on our two front windows.DSC_0162

We put mostly herbs in them, so I could have easy access.  Here we have marjoram, thyme, parsley, and cilantro.  The other box has rosemary, sage, and some flowers.  It is the time of year when Ryan starts planting flowers everywhere so that for the next couple months, our yard will be exploding with color.  He also is piecing scraps and leftovers together to make an simple irrigation system, so it will easily stay green all summer.





One thought on “Herb Window Boxes

  1. Some activities are just meant to be in concert together. Gardening and woodworking is one such combination.

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