Easter Snapshots

Easter sneaks up on me every year.  Maybe because it comes in the midst of planting seeds and soaking up chilly spring rays and busy days at work for both Ryan and I. In the middle of it all I forget to put any Easter reminders into our house until it’s already Holy Week and we just celebrated Palm Sunday and the means Easter is on Sunday!!

I did sneak in a chance to dye a few eggs and put them in a tall glass jar.  So our house has one tiny piece of Easter on top of the desk.

My favorite dye is made with red cabbage.  It colors the eggs into deep marbled blue. I could sit and stare at the color for hours. Someday I am going to paint a wall this blue. Or maybe a whole bathroom.

photo 2

The yellow is dyed with turmeric, and the brownish plum is from blackberries.

DSC_0156This year we also tried paint pens on brown eggs.  The white paint idea was my favorite, simple and sweet.  But…surprise surprise…the white turns out better on Pinterest than in real life.  The silver paint was much more vibrant.


photo 1


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