Visiting the ‘Boat, pt 2

We haven’t been able to spend much time with Ryan’s mom since we’ve been married. It was wonderful to see her and meet her husband Dave while we were in Steamboat Springs. There’s nothing quite like the stories a mom can tell on her kids, right?  (Only the good stuff of course, Ryan!)

DSC_0949It’s cute how tiny she is next to Ryan, her only tall child. (he’s almost a head taller than his siblings).

We did fun winter-time things with them like a cozy breakfast, shopping along Steamboat’s main street, a walk along the river, and out to a ranch to go tubing. I also found a cute friendly puppy we wanted to bring home.




DSC_0890I hadn’t realized this about Steamboat SPRINGS, but the reason for it’s name are all the hot springs. They are all over the place, bubbly away with a nice odor of sulphur.

DSC_0913And finally, just for fun, this is Ryan’s sarcastic smile when he’s tired of pictures and would rather I leave him alone:



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