Visiting the ‘Boat, Pt 1

There is no feeling that can compare with locking the house door and jumping in the car or onto a plane to leave town. Even if it is to a relatively normal place you’ve been before, it’s still away from the everyday and familiar. Stepping into a new place, and having all of your senses assaulted with new smells, sounds, and sights (bonus points if you have to talk to the locals in mime). If only plane tickets and vacation time grew on trees…

Since we have done very little traveling so far, only about 2% of the traveling I hope to do in my lifetime, I get excited about trips to places even an hour away. So I bouncing off the walls about our Christmas gift from Ryan’s dad: tickets to visit Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where both of Ryan’s parents live. The town is so beautiful, and heaven to the snow-starved among us.

It was a laid back trip with lots of good food, visiting some of Ryan’s old friends, and me throwing snowballs at Ryan whenever his back was turned. We haven’t gotten to spend much time with either of his parents when we’re not in a big group, so it was nice to have the chance to just sit and talk.





Ryan was pretty excited to spend some time in a fully outfitted wood shop with his dad, who has every tool and saw. Alot of things I didn’t even know the names of, but apparently Ryan knows how to operate.







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