Mount Washington

We didn’t get up into the mountains and fishing lakes nearly enough last summer. But since the Cascades haven’t gotten much snow this year, many of the lower elevation trails are still mostly clear this time of year for hiking without snowshoes.

So Grace and I sneaked a hike in on MLK day.  It was the kind of hike that you force yourself out of bed and into shoes and a coat, and wish you hadn’t agreed to get picked up so early in the morning on your holiday. But once we were warmed up and climbing up the trail, it was perfect.

The first half of the hike me and my quads were cursing whoever’s idea this hike was (mine). The second half of the hike was the mental stage that Ryan tries to either avoid or capitalize on, the stage where I plan on signing up for half marathons and actually accomplishing a yoga headstand. (ha!)



DSC_0858And here’s the view from the top of Mount Washington.




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