An Autumn Wedding Shower

One of the ladies in our church is getting married this next month, and I threw her a shower this last weekend.  Because of her incredible sweet friendliness to many many people, my tiny house wasn’t going to cut it for size.  So I took over my parent’s home for an afternoon. Her wedding colors are orange and blue, so we grabbed those and added a little autumnal flare.

Half of the room gathered for gift-opening.


Apple Cheddar Gruyere Maple Tarts (recipe forthcoming) along with Roasted Pear Scones and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins it was a nicely fall-ish menu. And because of the rain and cold outside, we drank pot after pot of coffee with them.


Defying the gloomy weather outside with flowers and candles. (Thank you Krystal for helping me draw a ampersand.
Most. Difficult. Character. Ever.)



The bride with her mom and sister.


With some of her wonderful friends turned in-laws.



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