Alaska Lake

No, not in Alaska.  The trailhead is about an hour outside of Seattle just over Snoqualmie pass. Perfect for a quick weekend backpacking trip so Ryan could fish in peace.  My sister came with us, and since she didn’t get off work until 2pm on Saturday, we had to move pretty quick on the way up.  The last brutal uphill mile is not a maintained trail, so we did have to pause a few times looking for the next strip of bright trail-marking-tape or cairn built by a previous friendly hiker.

We spent most of Sunday relaxing and enjoying the Lake.  Ryan fished for about five hours, taking only one quick break for coffee and oatmeal.

To give you a landmark of where we were, the Pacific Crest Trail stretches across the ridge on the opposite side of the lake.

DSCN3334When we first arrived, we did some scouting for a good campsite, since the three at the lake were already taken. We ended up back at the main lake access, and found a nice spot between a couple fallen trees.

Mostly we were eager to be as far as possible for a group of six young people who did not understand how loud and obnoxious they were. Who play music at a wilderness campsite? Thankfully they left early the next morning, leaving the rest of us in the quiet. (We also may have failed to feel sorry for the one that fell into the frigid lake water while he was trying to fill his water bottle.)

DSCN3321Ryan was up at dawn the next morning, unable to wait any longer to get his line in the water.  He did a little fly fishing, but mostly spinning reel fishing. He caught half a dozen little fish that we set free again, and couple keepers that we fried for lunch.









DSCN3364The after picture.  Taken right at the amazing moment when you get to take your hiking shoes off.



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