Brooks Memorial

The semi-annual family camping trip was last weekend. The weekend that bordered on Glamping, we spent most of the time around a campfire, some time exploring the area, and threw around a great deal of sarcasm. Our two side-by-side campsites had five tents, one little backpacking tent for each couple and a wee one for Grace, and Old Yeller, the parent’s big yellow dome tent that we’ve been camping since we were toddlers.

DSC_0441The first evening we were there, we were asked if we were part of the Sasquatch hunt that was in the area.  There had been a few sightings and while most of the hunters were gone and the festivities over, there were a few folks remaining. Now while I know we’re not totally normal, do we really look like Sasquatch hunters? But it was a good information for when you think you might want to stumble into the woods for a midnight bathroom break. Even a girl in pajamas might look like Sasquatch to an eager fan.

We explored some of Eastern Washington’s tourist activities. The Maryhill Museum, including the Stonehenge memorial (know affectionately as Fauxnhenge), the Mary Hill Winery for some wine tasting, and lunch at the Glass Onion. There was also a brief trip to the local observatory to look at the sun through a telescope. (Mom couldn’t resist the one educational field trip option)

On the way home, Ryan and Grace and I took the scenic route to jump in the Yakima River. The water was so cold it made your feet and ankles ache.  So Grace and I only made it in thigh-deep. Ryan went for a full dunk.
















One thought on “Brooks Memorial

  1. Brrr! Looks like a lot of fun. Dave and I haven’t gone camping yet…we just work around in our yard (well Dave does) and sit on our front porch. I just got all my pictures organized and in appropriate files on computer, so that I can find them. So, maybe I’ll actually get some posted or e-mailed. Like reading your blog.

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