My Gallery Wall

I discovered the secret to the neat but not-matchy-matchy gallery wall.  Well, I shouldn’t say discovered, a nice blogger taught me, and unfortunately I cannot remember which blog it was.

The key is choosing a line.  It can be a horizontal line, and vertical line, a diagonal line, whatever you want. You can even have two parallel lines. The pictures you use can be as mismatched and different as you want as long as you follow a line.

So the other night, I took all the pictures off all my walls, and rearranged.  It’s part of trying to embrace the ‘shop your own house‘ trend. I want to shake things up, but not buy anything.  This is a good technique for those of us who would ‘redecorate’ every six months or so if the budget allowed. (Or as much as you can redecorate a rental with bad carpet and a no-painting rule).  This way it’s like having a fresh house for free.

DSC_0285First, I taped a piece of twine where I wanted my line. I just guesstimated it was straight, but then Ryan’s voice in my head made me go get the tape measure to make sure it was. Seriously, sometimes being married to him is like being schizophrenic in a good sort of way. (please ignore the weird contraption on the upper wall, it’s the doorbell and we cant move it.)

DSC_0286Then I laid the pictures out on the living room floor until I had the arrangement I wanted for the main wall. The other pictures I dispersed around the house. And then merrily tacked them up with lots of new holes. I’ll fill and sand them down when we leave.


It really doesn’t cost much to cover your walls. These are a mix of thrift shop finds, framed magazine pages, a canvas of a shot I took in Italy, the beautiful piece of hand embroidery was a gift, and a poster I rescued from the dumpster at work. The frames are all thrifted.


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