Grace’s Birthday Backyard BBQ

Grace finally turned 21. The rest of us have been eagerly waiting for the final family member to be recognized as an adult by the government.  (We’ve all known her as a responsible adult since she was 15).  Ryan and I hosted a bbq to celebrate with friends and many of the kids she babysits. The kids brought cards they had made for her and I think they enjoyed her birthday balloons more than she did.


She isn’t normally terrifying to children…


DSC_0074 (2)


DSC_0063Ryan grilled for 30+ people, starting with stacks of zucchini and peppers.  So delicious.

dsc_0039Chocolate and Carrot Cake cupcakes. Because nothing says a party like cupcakes.

DSC_0040 (2)My favorite part of this picture is the kid so extremely excited for one of Mom’s chocolate cupcakes.  But then who be excited for that?DSC_0043




One thought on “Grace’s Birthday Backyard BBQ

  1. Nice party…happy & fruitful year to Grace…may she fulfill her name! liked seeing your pics. ryan has less hair these days and you have more!!! Hope to see you in Moscow next week-end??

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