Two Talls and a Small

What kind of world do we live in where we pay money to run in circles and have people throw paint at you?

Ryan and I were running late, sitting in traffic on I-90 on the motorcycle, me clinging to Ryan with one arm, and texting Grace to get an alternate route with the other. (Unless you’re my mom, in which case I was holding on with BOTH hands the whole time.)  Since all three of us have run serious races, Kathy especially, we knew the importance of being there on time, at the start line, bibbed and ready to go.  So as soon as I hit the ground, I frantically searched for them, we made a quick stop at the port-a-potties, dumped our stuff with Ryan, (thanks, babe!!) and raced for the start line.

Then we stood around listening to the party music…and threw all of our paint, made fun of the DJ, rubbed pink paint in Kathy’s baby’s hair, and waited. We ran with the 7th starting group some hour and ten minutes after the start time.

We had a great time, but next time will be more prepared for the party atmosphere rather than a serious race!  Our team name was the best…Two Talls and a Small.  Probably the one time in Grace’s life she will be classified as tall.

IMAG0372I took a handful of blue paint to the face almost immediately…thus my awesome blue beard appearance.



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