In Love with Spring

Flowers blooming in Ryan’s flower beds.


Grilling.  Under that delicious pile grilled onion and peppers and avocado and bacon etc is a homemade grilled burger.  Thus the pretty awesome life of no-bun-because-I’m-allergic-to-yeast.  Ryan’s boring old burger in a bun wasn’t nearly as interesting.


And since there’s so much energy from all the hours of sunshine and fresh air…homemade thin mint cookies.


And of course there’s learning to ride my scooter in deserted parking lots. I take my endorsement test this weekend. Ryan put alot of work into fixing everything that was wrong, brakes, tire, replacing turn signals and headlight, basically screwing the whole thing back together.  I think he did a pretty great job.  Now I just have to learn to drive the thing in something more than a straight line with no obstacles.  Ask my brothers…I am the world’s worst bicycle rider, and now I have one with a motor.  Scary.  I think I’ve given Ryan about four heart attacks as he watches me try to learn.



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