Summer Toys

Ryan has a new toy. We sold the Yamaha we had and bought this one.  More powerful, more comfortable for two riders.  With all the city driving we do, the 45-50 mpg are pretty hard to beat  And yes, he does occasionally park in the front yard so he can see it out the front window.  I have become a changing-clothes-ninja since we ride it to church, out for drinks, Ryan commutes on it, and pretty much everywhere because it’s sooo easy to park.


It’s a 1981 Suzuki GS850G.  (Small world moment: a man at our church bought the same bike in ’84, and still has it.  He filled Ryan in on all the tips and tricks.)


And here is my new toy.  My commute just got upgraded to a fancy, chili red, 90 mpg, 125cc SYM Fiddle II.  It needs some love, as in new brakes, tire, and turn signal.  So Ryan will be working on it all week so I can take my endorsement test next week.


Here’s Ryan trying it out since I don’t have my endorsement yet.  He says not to let pictures of him riding it go public, but I couldn’t resist.



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