Blog Favorite: Manger by Mimi Thorisson

This blog makes me covet.  All out, drooling on my keyboard, run away with a leather suitcase, have French children (thank goodness Ryan’s ancestry is French…) buy rubber boots and never go back to real life kind of covet.

Who wouldn’t?  Look at her kitchen, complete with sunshine and plenty of garlic. She lives in a delightful menagerie of adorable children and too many dogs in the countryside outside of Medoc, France.

Photo Credit

Her food is a little fancy for me to attempt in normal circumstances. Or maybe it’s just hard to get such ingredients here in the land of packaged accessibility.  But I drink in her posts, indulging in a modern-day grown-up’s fairy tale, like the princess stories I got lost in as a child.  Even though the possibility of me even visiting such a place is remote, I’m so glad someone lives like that.  And better still that her husband is a photographer who takes pictures to share their life and food.

Photo Credit

And when I grow up, I’m going to dress like her.


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