Taste WA

Some days I love my job even more.  Like the days I work one day at an event and get VIP passes for the second day to come back and play.  Especially when it involves food and wine.  Our. Favorite.  Thank you to my boss and that one guy over at Seattle Met for the passes!!

This time it was Taste Washington, the nation’s largest single-region food and wine event.  Over 220 wineries and a few cider-makers, and about 60 restaurants.  My company was pretty excited to be there showing off our brand new executive chef. I worked as his prep-cook-assistant-person on Saturday. (I love these quirky assignments that are part of my job) He was making a petite cornet with galangal, sea-urchin mousse, Asian pear vierge, all perfectly flavored, garnished with hamachi, caviar, and chervil. When he described it is sounded even better.  I assure you, it was an taste explosion in your mouth.

Sunday’s petite pesto cornet was filled with goat cheese mousse, beets, and topped with flamed lardo. Another amazing combo.


[psst: A petite cornet is basically a neutral or savory baby ice cream cone]


Sunday afternoon we walked around sipping a huge variety of Washington wines and tasted tiny delicacies from all the restaurants.  I tried a fried pickle, which was surprisingly palatable. My favorite chocolate company was serving samples of Earl Grey Chocolate and Honey Chocolate, a caramel company had a curry and coriander caramel that was addicting.  There was an oyster bar, seared Ahi bites, and endless other tempting samples.

One of our favorite wines (okay, one of my favorites) was Cranberry Road‘s Cranberry Cinnamon Wine.  It drank like a lightly sweet spicy candy, a little dangerous for a 15% alcohol glass of wine. The winery is owned by two brothers, who gifted us with a bottle. Whichever family we spend next Thanksgiving with this year is in for a treat. (Yes, we shamelessly buy love)



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