Easter Eggs

It was time to get my crafty on. Channel my inner Martha Stewart, actually try some of those Pinterest pins. Easter was not going to pass us by.  Valentine’s and St Patrick’s may have gone by un-decorated, but not Easter and holy week. I set a date and time, then invited some friends so I couldn’t back out.

It was also a good incentive to finish a chalkboard I had started. This is how my projects go…I start them (I taped off the areas) and Ryan finishes them. I did get one coat of paint on this one before he took it over for me.  We used the leftover copper spray paint from a recent project. Then I chalked ‘He is Risen’ onto it, following a picture of the text I found online.


I wanted to try making my own dyes with beets, red cabbage, and turmeric.  The formula is 1 qt of water, 2 T of vinegar, 1 t of salt, and a whole bunch of the vegetable or spice.


You have to let the eggs sit and soak a little while for them to absorb the stain, but the colors were very pretty.


I stuck little bird stickers all over this one before dying it.  This is the dye made from red cabbage.


The ‘pink’ dye from the beets was not quite as brilliant as we hoped, but the blue and yellow were perfect.


We’re still not sure how we made this turn out with this pattern.


We tried to silk dye eggs, and followed the directions to the letter.  But it didn’t work for us at all. Quite a bit of work and very poor results. Blast.  Maybe next year. My sister says she’s had great results before, I’ll get some tips from her.


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