Italy Part One: Rome

Our flight landed in Rome and we spent two days there.  Rome was not high on either of our must-see lists, so that was plenty of time for us. We visited just the few things we wanted:  the Colosseum, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, the Catacombs, and the many walkable streets.  As I entered the dead silent Sistine Chapel I tripped over the worn stone floor, and nearly clattered head over heels.  Thank goodness for still-somewhat-young-reflexes, I almost was that person. What would a poised and perfect Audrey Hepburn have thought?  tsk tsk.

Our favorite part of Italy – all the walking.  We loved wandering and getting lost on all of the curving narrow old streets.  Everyone is out walking, talking in the street, perched on a curb eating gelato, just being a community in their beautiful (but dirty) city.

I can understand why the audience in the Colosseum wanted to kill someone, I would too after a few hours on those seats.


Ryan found a Triumph Scrambler, one of his top two bike picks.  He was only drooling a little bit.


The giant one-piece granite pillars of the Pantheon.


We consumed quite a bit of gelato during our visit.


Walking to visit the Catacombs.


Oh you know, just walking on the Appia Antica that the Romans built. No biggie.

The history geek in me was freaking out of it’s mind.

A visit to all the greats in the Vatican Museum.



This is Grace when any of her siblings decide to make out in front of her. Fair enough.

We ate alot of blood oranges over the week.  We weren’t quite sure if we were supposed to be eating in the Vatican courtyard, but nobody stopped us…so:


The immense columns of St Peter’s Square


Really really immense



The square is also immense.

DSC_0364And that was Rome.  We were a little jet-lagged and haggard for those two days (I was pretty sick on the plane) so we were unhurried and just enjoyed being away from work and responsibility.


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