Pit Stop in NYC

While winging our way to Italy this month, we spaced out flights to have a six hour layover in New York.  Since my brother Nate and his wife live in Maryland, they were super and came up to have dinner with us.  They ended up staying for the weekend in NYC, so I’m glad we didn’t make them travel all that way for a quick dinner.  We were pretty happy to have the chance to hang out with them, even if briefly.

It was a fabulous dinner. We took the recommendation of the chef at my company in Seattle, who until recently was a chef at a restaurant in New York. He said if he could eat anywhere in New York, it would be Cafe Boulud, by chef Daniel Boulud.  Daniel’s itself was a little over our heads.  Cafe Boulud was a little over our splurge limit, but how often are we West-coasters in NYC for a nice dinner?

Thanks, Nate, for the picture!

Our server was spectacular.  (Christina and I may have been biased by the fact he looked like Ryan Gosling and had a really nice suit.) And he was so helpful in all the little ways like suggesting items that worked around my allergies, and recommending a wine that would match all of our orders. I had “Pan Seared Duck Breast, Minnesota wild rice, brussels sprouts apple cider, sauce albufera.” I don’t even know what sauce albufere is, but it was delicious. My cocktail had maple syrup and foraged pine in it.

I did have a brief moment of ignorance. I didn’t realize duck is considered a red meat and so you order it like you would a steak.  When the server asked how I wanted it cooked, he got a blank stare. Then I took a guess, “Medium?”  Apparently that was a satisfactory answer as he nodded and walked away.


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