Bratwurst and Potato Soup

February is  Eat-To-The-Bottom-Of-The-Pantry-And-Freezer month at our house.  It’s the month when your immune system needs all those berries you froze last summer, and it really is time to get them eaten up before spring fruit starts appearing in April/May.  Also I always get the cleaning-bug in the winter.  Anyway, we’re planning plenty of smoothies for breakfasts.

Last night I combined a frozen package of bratwurst, potatoes growing sprouts, and the last apple softening in the fruit bowl into soup.  Inspired by the memory of a friend’s toddler dumping her entire jar of celery salt on her kitchen floor (pre child locked cupboard…), I seasoned the pot with celery salt.


Bratwurst Potato Soup

(serves 4-6)

Saute in a soup pot:

a scoop of bacon fat
1/2 to 1 whole onion, chopped
plenty of garlic


4 cups of broth
between 1/2 to 1 lbs chopped potato
a couple chopped carrots
a chopped apple

When the vegetables are mostly cooked, scoop a couple big scoops out, puree until smooth, and return to the pot.


Cooked bite sized pieces of bratwurst
1 cup of corn
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp of celery salt
hefty pinch of red pepper flakes (to taste)
salt and pepper to taste (salt to taste AFTER you add the celery salt!)

Continue cooking until desired consistency and the potato chunks are thoroughly softened.  We were out, but I imagine cheese would be delicious on top.


I had forgotten how much red pepper flakes continue to release their spiciness…my bowl at lunch the next day was notably spicier!


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