Things That Come With Being a Tall Girl

Buying over-the-knee socks to use as knee socks.

Expecting your performance/rain jacket will never be long enough to actually keep the wind off your midriff.

Taking showers with your head tilted sideways to be under the shower head.

When you wear heels you are  either being glared at or praised for bravery.

Not buying dresses with a ‘natural waist’ waist, because it won’t be, and pencil dresses put the hips where the waist should be.

Belts are your friend to make dresses and tops look like they fit.

In the winter, wearing boots all the time to hide the fact that your pants are high-water length.

You love that Banana Republic’s jeans in regular are a 34″ inseam.

Shoulder aches after too much time in the kitchen from being contorted downward to reach the counter-top.

You’ve been called and used as an ‘Insta-ladder’.  But you can always reach everything in cupboards.

A full sized mattress means your feet are off the end of the bed and seeing in mirrors often requires ducking or squatting.

One piece bathing suits never have quite enough length top to bottom.

People ask you if you play basketball or volleyball. (No, I don’t. Do you play mini-golf??) But people also ask you if you are a model.

Your husband tells you he couldn’t love a shorter woman.bw057


6 thoughts on “Things That Come With Being a Tall Girl

  1. I am five feet tall exactly. I have a counter to every point you’ve made. I really do feel your pain. Although I can wear the highest of heels whenever I want, I will never be a Rockette, no matter my talent. 🙂

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