Vintage Nautical

One of my favorite parts of my job is the Seattle Wedding Show. It’s like getting all the fun of planning wedding but without the stress or overwhelming size.  I am one of the people responsible to designing and executing a booth for my boat charter company.  It’s really fairly simple:  choose a wedding scheme/theme and create a 10×15 ft representation of that wedding.  Boom.

Shappy chic and vintage being so popular this year, we went with ‘vintage nautical’ since we’re a boat company, so nautical is perfect, right?  Some of my other favorite booths I saw there were Seattle Farm Tables, Vintage Dish Company, Wood invitations by Paper Paramour, and Vintage Ambiance.  So cute!  And of course our favorite wedding photographer, Paul Dudley Photography.  If I ever decide to throw a high-budget party, I know where to do my research.

We had so much fun with all the striped ribbon and rope details.  We tried approximately a dozen options of place settings, and I love the blue and white mix we ended up with.  (The office stank lightly of burnt paper after I made the little message-in-a-bottle, but it’s a  cute little detail.)


I perused the local antique store and found this suitcase with the tiny pin-stripe detail.  It was perfect for our luggage tag favors and hanging the seating cards.


Driftwood, pampas grass, line tied in monkey fists, sea glass, white flowers, shells, and plenty of burlap details.


Next skill to learn:  How to make a monkey fist, they are such a fun nautical accessory. My sailor knot tying friends tell me it’s rather difficult.


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