January Beach Bonfire

When we got married, a friend joked that ours wasn’t a match made in heaven, but made instead by a rainy beach bonfire.  A group of us used to trek out to Golden Gardens Park for frequent bonfires, and Ryan and I were accused of flirting a good deal around those flames.  Psh, he can build a great fire!  We mostly have these bonfires during the winter months, when the beach is quiet and empty.  Being one of the two parks in Seattle that allow bonfires, summer brings a mass of loud stereos and screaming and teenagers and dogs and approx eighteen million people. The rain and cold let us show up whenever we want and get a bonfire pit.

Our friend Yvette moved back into town and brought back the bonfire tradition after a year or two hiatus.  She scheduled it perfectly for the week with the nicest weather, and timed to burn any leftover Christmas trees.  Puget Sound was calm and cooperative and there was no wind.  Best weather we’ve ever had for a bonfire. No raincoat required.


We roast everything and anything.  One experiment was a whole banana in the peel.  After it roasted Yvette mixed it with some pieces of chocolate and roasted marshmallow.  Delicious.


And of course roasted some brats.  And boiled a kettle of water to make tea and hot cocoa.


Rebekah roasted grapes.  Very good after you get over the burned fingers.


And enjoyed the perfect, glorious sunset.



In other news Ryan wanted to throw me in the water more than he wanted to take a picture.



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