Christmas and New Years




Yes, I know I’m late on these. This season was pretty quiet for us, which was nice.  We two days off at Christmas, and took the time to visit National Geographic’s King Tut exhibit that is in town.  I love Egyptian history so I was pretty excited.  the collection of artifacts was amazing, standing in the room thinking about the folks who made this have been dead for thousands of years and some of it is still in semi-pristine condition.  But here’s the actual holidays:

Christmas we spent the morning at home and then went up to my parent’s, where Grace was waiting very patiently to open presents. DSC_0004

Homemade Eggnog to start the dayDSC_0019

Dad mixed us some pomegranate martinis with dinner.


New Year’s Eve we spent with good friends, fondue, and lots of games.  The guys played the most confusing game ever.  The girls had a 90’s dance party in the kitchen.


The tiniest party guest.






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