Finally Looking Like Christmas Around Here

It’s slowly but surely starting to look like Christmas at our house.  We’ve wrapped a few packages, and lit a few candles.  The tree is getting decorated in stages, each a few days apart.  Now I know why my mother always set aside an afternoon and did a huge chunk of the decorating all at once.  There is a pile of pretty greenery in my front yard waiting to be used.  And I haven’t made it to a wreath yet.  Maybe a hapless scrap of wood will get some white spray paint and a “Happy Christmas” inscription and become our front door wreath.  Hmmm… Ryan’s wood pile has been warned.DSC_0019

Ryan’s work shares a parking lot with a tree farm…so we postponed a snow-trek in forest service land and picked up a couple trees the easy way. The farm’s owner was generous and gave us two trees, one for us and one for my parents.  Grace came along for quality control.


We had to prop the tree up in the only space available in our tiny house.


Ryan’s Motivation to let me geek-out on Christmas music and lights and decorating.



So many presents to wrap.  Ryan is much better than I am, and kept giving my wrapped gifts the stink eye.




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