Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving started out harmless and pleasant.  Siblings trickled into town, the laughter and noise was building.  Thursday morning the last few joined us,  Nate and Christina were back from their vacation from Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  It was fun to try the food they brought back, laugh at the stories, and try not to be jealous of the vacation and the gorgeous clothes they had tailored.

About two hours before the turkey was due on the table, the garbage disposal clogged with potato peels.  The second year in a row this happened, so believe me, the jokes were flying and the funny sarcastic comments were abundant.  Particularily Caleb’s “Pour some Draino in it, that’ll help!”  Because last year they poured in Draino against Caleb’s better judgement.  But Draino isn’t designed to dissolve potato peels, and so the drain then had to be fixed with Draino spilling everywhere, eew.   We were all imbibing by that point so the whole thing was funny instead of frustrating. (And we have a family of very handy men who can fix these things)

Fast-forward to that crisis averted, and Dad cut his finger on a broken glass.  No big deal.  Mom was thrilled to have a wound to clean and bandage…until she can’t stop the bleeding.  But she was still thrilled to have someone to take to the ER for stitches.  (Her kids are all grown up and boring and our spouses do those things now.)  So Dad and Mom left and we finished the last hour’s prep for dinner.  Guests arrived and pitched in, we ate some more hors d’eouvres and drank some more wine.  Parents got back in perfect time to the turkey being carved and steaming food being placed on the buffet.

Yes, there are still maps on the wall from school days.

There’s nothing quite like passing out on the couch in a post-feast coma

Some folks built Lincoln Log forts.  They were especially appreciative of help from ‘That Guy’ (Caleb?)

Friday following Thanksgiving is Halverson Day.  Dad finds all sorts of crazy stuff in Seattle for us to do or look at, always something new and fun.  This year we were spreading it between Friday and Saturday.  The Burke Museum, Milepost 31 Visitor Center (the tunnel project in Seattle, world’s largest drill or something) the Filson Store (And a brief visit to Anthropologie and Patagonia for some), the Re-Store, and a couple pit stops including Uneeda Burger and Stumptown Coffee. Also a visit to Seattle’s giant popsicle.

Coffee Beverages
Lunch Beverages
Lunchtime Embarrassment
Walking out to the tunnel project in the rain

On Friday night disaster struck.  One by one, we fell prey to the flu.  I was at my house confined to my bed and bathroom.  Libby was the first to fall to the Great Halverson Epidemic of 2012 at my parents house, but by the evening, several more were in bed.  Some of us went on the Christmas Dinner Cruise we had planned, but nobody was able to eat much, and our table of nine somewhat-healthy people only made it through one bottle of wine and two beers.  We were not a table of merry hearts or stomachs.

Thankfully everyone was well to travel home, but we didn’t eat up quite as many leftovers as planned, except for the huge pot of turkey rice soup.


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