Ryan Builds a Bookcase

It all started when I was complaining to Ryan about the bookcases available on Craigslist.  Unless you were willing to pay a high price, pretty much there was just Ikea castoffs to buy.  Not quite the look I was going for.  So Ryan said he would build me one that was better than any of them.  And he did.  I was very impressed every step of the way.  I tried to help but mostly got in the way.

It all started with alot of driving around to lumber yards to find what he wanted.  I learned alot about lumber that day.  We ended up with two sheets of plywood and a long piece of solid sock birch.

 It all fit in the back of Ryan’s truck.

And then way measuring and calculating and measuring and calculating and some cutting.  (Some friends were awesome and let us use their basement and table saw.)

Dado blade cuts for the shelves. Chaney boys believe in very sturdy furniture, none of those shelves on tabs for them.

After assembling, facing the shelves with solid stock, routing the edges, designing and putting on the decorative top facing, now we’re staining.

And brought it home!!


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