My Birthday

So now I have to check the ’26-30 yrs’ old box on forms.

We had grand plans for my birthday and birthday weekend.  We had a stay-cation planned for the weekend, and a gift card for a fabulous restaurant for dinner.  Ryan had done his shopping, and though I had discovered the box I. had. Resisted. Looking. Inside.

But then the sniffles started…which included a cough…and I spent the weekend on the couch drinking tea and blowing my nose and trying to read through watery sore eyes.  By Tuesday, my actual birthday, I was still pretty drained and blowing my nose every twenty minutes.  And it’s not worth going out for dinner to a nice place when you can’t even smell the deliciousness.  So we put off the celebration until a future date, and picked up Mexican for dinner (nothing like spicy to clear your head) and some Molly Moon’s Ice Cream (Scout Mint flavor!).

And best of all, Ryan spoiled me with a flowers that he arranged himself in a vase before I got home, and some sparkly.

Maybe everyone is not as obsessed as me with jewelry with a story, but it’s my birthday and you have to listen.  (But I won’t digress into my wedding ring stories)

First to brag about my incredible-husband-that-I-don’t-deserve…I do the budget tracking for us, so was confused as to where the cash was  coming from.  But he worked an extra job a couple days last month on top of his already tiring and crazy work schedule.  Then he quietly stashed that money away to surprise me with a nice birthday present that wouldn’t have normally fit in our budget. What a guy!  And him trying to get extra jobs for spare cash to be able to repair/replace the motorcycle, then he spends it on me.

Ryan found this chain he really liked at an antique jeweler, and it came with this diamond-frosted cross.  We really wanted a rose-gold cross, and his thought was we could pawn this one off to be able to buy the rose-gold.  It should work perfectly, except I’m getting a little attached to this one.  My husband should really stop giving me such difficult decisions.  What do you think…diamonds or rose gold?


2 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. I may be mistaken, but when faced with a question like this, I believe the correct answer is, um…yes. Seriously though, either are quite nice and it comes down to what truly speaks to you. Diamonds now, rose gold later.

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