It’s that time of year when I spend some quality time with tea and tissues.  This year is nicer than most because I’m sitting on my front step in the autumn sunshine watching Ryan clean up the front shrub beds.  Since this makes me think of cozy things I thought I’d take the oppurtunity to show you the many beautiful quilts we’ve been blessed with.  Even if Ryan and I aren’t really “quilt people”  there’s something about the amount of time a person has to put into a quilt that makes it an extra special gift.  I’ll tell you about them in chronological order.

First the one that the ladies at church made as a wedding gift.  They found the most beautiful collection of vintage blocks at an estate sale and finished it off with some modern touches.  A couple smart ones knew how much I love recycled vintage, it’s perfect.

Most of the squares and sewn completely by hand in tiny neat stitches.  It’s an amazing testimony to an out-dated dose of patience someone put into it.  My friends finished a few of the blocks on a machine and put it together with that amazing polka dot backing!

Look at all the cute vintage cotton prints!

For Christmas we received a comforter my Grandmother and her friends quilted by hand.  It’s a king sized comforter in an intricate scalloped pattern, another testimony of the patience that generation has with hand work.  This picture gives a poor taste of the stiches that cover the piece.  I don’t have the physical space in my tiny house to have it out and used yet. 

The most recent addition is from Ryan’s mother.  It’s her first quilt and she did an incredible job!  It was pretty exciting to find it waiting on our doorstep one day last month.  The blue and yellow are so warm and homey, my favorite part is the celtic knot pattern of the quilting.

And the best part of every quilt is the time and thought and love that went into each piece!


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