Lake 22

Another weekend to take advantage of Seattle’s beautiful September weather.  Before the clouds, gray, and rain sets in for eight months, we’re soaking up every moment of sunny dry weather we can.

We hiked up to Lake 22 in the Mt Pilchuck wilderness this past weekend. (The fabulous idea of our friends Emmy and Garret)  That was after a lunch at the well-loved Seattle icon The Maltby Cafe.  We regretted not ordering a plate-sized cinnamon roll to go.  That sounds like a perfect snack beside a mountain lake…

The trail was not super long (5.4 miles round trip) or difficult, which made it perfect for fitting into a Sunday afternoon with limited daylight hours.  The un-original name Lake 22 comes from the fact the lake lies in section 22 of a Forest Service map.  The trail was through old-growth forest, old and mossy and full of streams and undergrowth.

It was late in the afternoon when we made it to the lake, so the sun was no longer shining into the lake bowl.  But it was still gorgeous.

Ryan tried to fish, but his reel was messed up and kept tangling his line.

The obligatory group and couple photos:

Sorry to cut your adorable face off, Ryan. I really do love you.
Ryan: “Enough with the pictures, I’m trying to fish”


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