Heidelfest is eagerly anticipated every year.  It is our church’s fall festival of food, games, music, pie contests, and Marketplace.  The Marketplace is a good bit of the reason we’re there.  All the women in our church put their crafty little fingers together and donate homemade goods ranging from jams to kettle corn to cute baby burp clothes.  The proceeds from the Marketplace go to CareNet.

There is also a bouncy house, a life sized Angry Birds game with giant slingshot, and plenty of other all-ages activities.  Even a speed-texting contest.  There were no teenagers in the final round on account of the rule “everything must be spelled, capitalized, and punctuated correctly”…

Ryan, Grace and I assisted our friends Stefan and Megan in the beer tent.  That’s really too limited of a term for our tent.   We mixed five gallon jugs of lemonade about every 25 minutes and filled water jugs almost as fast.  We  popped bushels of popcorn to put into sticky little hands.  We also distributed large boxes of soft pretzels and provided baby holding services.  Grace and I mostly stuck to the lemonade and popcorn and left Ryan and Stefan to serve up the local Georgetown Brewery’s draft-only favorites.

I entered a pie in the pie contest and donated a box of strawberry and raspberry jams to the Marketplace.  Ryan competed in the strongman competition. Every year “older-young men” are nominated and race in a series of fetes.  This year, the course was to fetch three pumpkins from across the playing field.  Then shoot two arrows at a target, for each missed arrow, you owe 12 push-ups.   It’s a favorite event as kids cheer for their dad and toddlers get in the way as they wonder why Dad is running away from them.

There’s nothing quite like chubby legs in leiderhosen

The menu was German themed food, sausages, grilled apples/onions/bacon, corn on the cob, and potato salad.

One of the Grillmasters


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