Discovery Park

We’re trying to eek the most possible out of this gorgeous month of September.  Late summer fruits baked into pies.  Grilling and eating outdoors when we get home from work early enough (durr…those early sunsets).  Ryan drives with all the windows down, and revels in these last weeks before he lives in his rain gear.  As the evenings get chillier, I obstinately ignoring the fall air and end up having to borrow Ryan’s sweatshirt when we’re out and I only brought a little sweater.  He shakes his head at me every time.

This last weekend we spent an afternoon at Discovery Park in Seattle.  I love the surprise of it.  It’s a 534 acre park plunked right into one of Seattle’s neighborhoods, barely 3 miles from downtown.  Part used to be a military fort, and now part is a treatment plant whose 10 ft walls are hidden in vegetation, so you don’t really know it’s there.  Meadows, sea cliffs, forests, beach, it’s got it all.

My favorite is even though you sat through Seattle traffic and hubbub, once you’re there, it feels a million miles away from it all. Excuse my poor photography skills, you’ll just have to imagine how pretty it is.


5 thoughts on “Discovery Park

  1. What a cool place! I love metropolitan areas that have close “getaways” like this. That’s one of the things Seattle and LA have on Chicago. =)

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