Our roadtrip to California was Ryan’s first time in that state.  And since we were in the Northern region, a visit to the redwoods was required.  We spent hours driving Hwy 101 surrounded by immense trees.  It was pretty incredible to travel mile after mile and still be staring up, up, and more up into the trees.

We did stop and drive our car through a tree.  Drove. Through. A. Tree.

A tree that is 21ft in diameter

315 ft tall

Impressive.  The Chandelier Tree is estimated at 2400 years old.  Just think about that age for a second…if Jesus had been in North America, he could’ve sat under it.

Ryan was a little hard to drag away.

That night as we drove through the cold and dark along the coast, I searched on Ryan’s smart phone for the cheapest available motel in Crescent City, CA.  We landed on the Curly Redwood Lodge.  Clean and right off the Hwy overlooking the ocean.  It was nice, very mid-century.   The best part we didn’t find out until the next morning.

The motel was built in the 1950’s out of the wood from one curly redwood tree.  It was 18ft across and yielded 57,000 board feet of lumber.  And it is the unique curly grain all the way through.  The only picture we took is this one of Ryan by our pretty curly redwood door.

To give you an idea, here’s a photo if the tree when it was felled.


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