Roadtripping to California

Ryan and I scraped five days in a row off of work, and trekked 1631 miles to a friend’s wedding.  

All of my long roadtrip memories were from my childhood, and a child’s memory of roadtrips is a poignant mixture;  The stuffy back row of the van, hours of trapped sitting still, hopefully not next to the sibling prone to motion sickness.  Roasting marshmallows at campfires, eating PB&Js at roadside stops, listening to radio shows, waiting forever for a bathroom stop that is timed around seven people’s needs (just hold it!), and getting a piece of candy for every 100 miles.

This roadtrip was bliss.  Spending day after uninterrupted day with Ryan… we talked and sang with the radio, laughed at the unique people we see, sat at a campfire or gambled on roadside motels.  We fished, ate ice cream and burgers (in that order),  jumped in roadside lakes (we became experts at changing in the car) and enjoyed the views. 

Driving up the coast Hwy 101 was incredible.  Our jaws were so busy dropping that our fingers weren’t clicking, so I have no pictures of our days on the 101.

Enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine
Early morning run on Lake Siskiyou
Early morning fishing on Lake Siskiyou
I do alot of waiting for my fresh fish
Roadside diners
More little restaurants
Ryan doesn’t understand why I love the coast so much. I love how wild and untameable it is.
Closed during high tide. Bother!
Ryan was way too excited about a repeated 1/2 mile walk into a campsite at the end of a long day.
More fishing!
Blackberry picking while we waited for the mechanic’s verdict.