Running a 10K

I don’t pretend to like running.  It’s a cheap and fast way to stay fit, but there ends my love of the hobby.   But my sister decided I should sign up for a 10K with her as a good incentive to get back into shape after a lazy year.  It only required a few additional bribes to myself, such as new shoes and a watch.

Here’s my new shoes.  They are New Balance Minimus,  which is a barefoot hybrid runner.  LOVE them.  My old bulky running shoes were comfortable enough, but I think my years of ballet ruined me for working out in footwear that won’t let your foot be flexible.   With these barefoot runners, it’s recommended to start at 10% of your run, and slowly work into them as they use your muscles and flexibility differently.  I almost walked straight into running in them (being very aware of unusual pain, etc to not hurt myself!).  My feet are so happy and I would wear them 24/7 if I could.

Then Grace and I realized it’s nice to know how long you’ve run and how many minutes per mile, etc.  So we took a field trip to Target and rummaged their watch bin for some bright plastic watches.

They help us run faster

But really it’s kind of exhilarating to join the churning crowd so excited to go run 6.2 miles around a lake bright and early.

We’re somewhere in the middle of the crowd, staying out of the way of the 7 minute miles or less group.

I think the reason I could run the whole way was the distraction of the course around Lake Union.  Cool old bridges to run across, boats and floating homes to admire and pretty bits of trails interspersed with the roads.  Regardless, we finished well (I was only 6 minutes behind her) and with the incentive of just enough time to bolt home to shower before church.

PS: Grace’s shining moment of the race was knocking a cup of water all over the aid station attendant who was trying to hand it to her.


One thought on “Running a 10K

  1. Good for you! Never in a million years would I ever have thought I would say this but…I kind of miss running. Kind of like I miss being able to get off of the couch without help.

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