So Many Chaneys in Moscow

This  month we drove to Idaho where most of Ryan’s family was collecting.  Unfortunately his Dad ended up stuck in Colorado sick in bed, but his brother Geoff family made it up from California.  Four out of five siblings and families is pretty good!  The weather was as perfect as summer weather can be, and we spent the weekend relaxing.

We had a nice slow Saturday bouncing on the trampoline and detailing bicycles

A game of poker…if you run out of chips, you can buy back in by wearing a hat borrowed from the girl’s dress-up box.

And an afternoon Spiderman pool party for Lincoln’s 5th birthday.

A new bike for Lincoln…not allowed inside the pool enclosure…so we had to check it out through the fence.

Following the kid’s afternoon at the pool, we had some adult time on the patio watching the sun set over the Palouse sipping Ouzo, an anise flavored Greek aperitif, and wine.

Greek feast for lunch on Sunday.  Ryan grilled the kabobs.

Wondering what I mean…”show me your muscles, Cole”

Mommy is funny

Five years old yesterday!!

Cousins waiting for lunch

And a Slip’n’Slide for the kids and margaritas and a mildly competitive bean bag toss for the adults.

Putting off leaving

Driving into the sunset and lots of bugs on the way home.


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