Concerts at the Mural

Living in a city like Seattle we are spoiled with so many free concerts and events and festivals and we don’t take advantage of very often.  But with a little encouragement from a friend, we headed downtown for a concert last Friday night.  It was the perfect evening for an outdoor concert, not to hot with a hint of a breeze.  We decided on some Skillet Burgers for dinner, whose ‘the burger’ is a mouthwatering combination of  beef, bacon jam, arugula, and blue cheese on brioche.  The fries are amazing!

Grace met me at work and we walked across town to the Seattle Center.  Then waited.

Added a few more to our waiting party.

Some faces, some just smiles.

The soon to be married Shannon!

We listened to The Young Evils (eh) and Brad (Good!) in the shadow of the Space Needle.

And Grace loves photo-bombing from any direction.

We’re already planning on this next week’s concert!


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