Summer Saturday

We’ve had a pretty busy summer.  Not alot of Saturdays to do Saturday things.  We were going to go camping this weekend, but after sleeping in very late decided maybe staying home would be nice.  Besides the lawn desperately needed mowing.  So we spent an iconic Saturday in our own neighborhood.

It included the Farmer’s Market…

And perusing garage sales.   We found a Le Creuset trivet for a couple dollars. (With the space for a heating candle, which I doubt I’ll ever remember to use)

And found some wall decor featuring one of Ryan’s favorites.

And then headed down to the local lake for a picnic and Frisbee.

And of course no picnic is complete without the invasion of a big fat vicious wasp.

And finished with grilling and then some relaxing and wine with friends.



3 thoughts on “Summer Saturday

  1. I got over the compulsion that tells us we always have to ‘go somewhere’ or ‘do something else’. Life is wherever you are.
    You chose the BEST!

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