Playing House

When we got married last year, we figured that after combining our belongings, we would have a furnished house.  We confidently moved everything of Ryan’s into our new 600 sq ft rental house two days after the wedding (I had moved in two weeks before) and left for Mexico to sort it all out when we returned.

For a while the sparkle of new dishes and a functioning coffee maker and being newlyweds covered up the lack.

We picked up a beautiful little wood dining table at an old shop teacher’s garage sale to replace the wobbly card table.  Goodwill yielded the cutest yellow vintage hutch for our new glassware.  The very helpful 6 and 8 yr old neighbors helped me haul home a bedframe lashed to the top of a Suburban while Ryan was at work.  So we have spent the last 8 months sleeping on a real bedframe and mattress and boxspring with matching sheets and a comforter cover that I got to choose regardless of price with a giftcard from the wedding.

But we still entertained on dining chairs set in the living room, shuffled pile of papers, magazines, the laptop, and projects onto the bed when guests came, cut pictures out of magazines to frame on the wall, and Ryan wanted a man-chair.  Preferably reclining.

So we saved up a little pile of cash and went on a Craigslist shopping spree this week.  First we found Ryan’s chair.  I would never have thought blue leather, but it’s so pretty.

It’s a sneaky recliner

Then we found a rolltop desk.  Since it has to be in the living room, at least it can be shut to hide the mess.

A little wood oil and it’s good as new

This couch I already owned, but we re-arranged the living room so it looks new!

My grandmother knitted my the afghan for Christmas. On your first married Christmas she knits her grandchildren one.e

The bigger bookcase to contain this mess is yet to be found…


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