Mixing Summer Cocktails

Some months ago, a friend encouraged me to start mixing drinks. Being an experienced bartender herself, she wrote out the essentials of a home bar.  I took the page home, magneted it to the fridge, and promptly forgot about it for a few months.

When liquor sales were finally privatized in Washington State, and it wasn’t such a hassle to get, we splurged on a bottle of one of our favorite gins.  After an initial gin and tonic, we relinquished it to the scary depths of the freezer for a couple months.

But now that summer days are calling for cool drinks in the backyard, we’ve started mixing drinks.  I have yet to acheive the ideally stocked home bar, and just use whatever I can find in the fridge, fruit bowl, and cupboards.  No pictures of them because we don’t have any clear glasses the right size, and cocktails look slightly seasick in our blue-green milk glasses.

Here’s a couple of our favorites so far.  (Measurements are approx guesses on what I put in)  Please let me know if you have good ideas for names, or if they are already a named cocktail.

Chaney Cocktail #1

Shot of gin
1 TBLS of simple syrup
1/2 c of Aranciata
garnished with fresh raspberries (yum!)

Chaney Cocktail #2

a couple muddled blueberries
2 TBLS peach puree (The ripest peach possible)
shot of gin
1/2 cup OJ

 Chaney Cocktail #3

Shot of gin
Rhubarb Dry Soda to taste (or any Dry Soda flavor. Ryan prefers Blood Orange Dry)
Squeeze and garnish of lime

I’ve also been told (Thanks, Nate!) I should make some Tom Collins.  And I have the last of an overripe cantelope, what would be a delicious combo with pureed cantelope??  Perhaps cantelope, cucumber, and lime with mint?

And remember that yummy Strawberry Lemonade.  I’m thinking I should reduce the water and douse it with gin next time.


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