Spoiling Ryan

I tell Ryan all the time that I spoil him.  Since I like doing it, and he spoils me back, it’s okay, right?  One of his favorite things in the world is warm chocolate chip cookies with milk.  But really, who doesn’t have that their ‘favorites’ list?

Since I became convinced of the virtues of raw milk, and make a separate trip each week to pick it up, I want him to be drinking it too.  Pretty much the only way he’ll drink a full glass of milk is with a stack of cookies.  So I make him cookies.  Maybe the sugar counteracts the benefits, but I try not to think like that.  After all, he was going to eat cookies anyway.  I’d rather make them for him at home with unbleached flour and sugar and pastured eggs and icky-stuff-free chocolate chips.

I make it easy on myself, mix a big batch, freeze it in cookie sized dough, and then Ryan bakes a few whenever he wants them.  And I occasionally eat them straight from the freezer. Yum!

One of Ryan’s happy moments.

Hopefully a soon summer adventure, making ice cream with raw cream??


One thought on “Spoiling Ryan

  1. The. best. ice cream. evah! I won’t rub it in that we struck the milk lottery and have more sweet jersey milk than we can handle. Good is good… I totally get the whole “land flowing with milk and honey” thing now. 😉

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