On the Eastside

The other evening we went on a Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise.  We are quite spoiled with lots of nice cheap dates through my job.  For this particular one, I had the acting company set Ryan up as one of the suspects in the Murder case.  He ended up not having murdered poor old Uncle Sean, but has been threatening murder against me ever since for setting him up.  (He was nicknamed Pretty Boy by the detective)

We headed over to the Eastside for the day on Saturday.  (To you non-Seattleites – the Eastside  is all the towns on the East side of Lake Washington).  Ryan’s boss, Brett, took us out on his boat on Lake Sammamish to teach Ryan to wake-board and have Ryan drive the boat so he could wake-board.   After Brett has spent and hour and a half teaching Ryan to wakeboard, I was okay with waiting for next time for my lesson.  So I just hung out on the boat with Brett’s adorable 3 year old son, scraped my knee open on the side of the boat, and lost my sunglasses into the lake.

Since we were already on that side of the Lake, we headed out to berry-picking country.  We chose a little family farm with a u-pick sign, and picked 17 lbs of raspberries in about 45 minutes.  The bushes were loaded with sweet smelling berries begging to be picked and made into jam.   We came home and made 7 batches of raspberry jam.  I think we are set for the year, even though Ryan’s love for raspberry jam makes him doubt it.

The lazy-man’s way of squishing berries for jam…

And a few dishes set aside for eating and sharing with friends.


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