Icicle Creek and Eightmile

Be warned, you’re about to be inundated with pictures of Ryan’s Birthday Weekend.

We drove up to the Icicle Creek area just outside Leavenworth, WA, met up with some friends, and camped for the weekend.  It was in the 90’s during the day, and perfect weather for hiking and fishing and sitting around the campfire.

Ryan was pretty happy to be camping
Morning Coffee
We hiked up to Eight Mile.
A couple of us napped in the sun
Fishing some more…
One of Ryan’s fish
Hiking back down. We made the worst mistake and forgot a a couple of the water bottles in the car. So we were pretty eager to get back and gulp down about a quart of water per person.
Tired, dirty, Chaco-patterned feet
Filleted and cooking
Cooking fish is a stressful business
Baking potatoes in the fire. yum!
Dishes are so simple when it only involves a rinse and a wipe.
Morning faces and our cute little tent
Renting a boat to fish

And then we sat in stop and go traffic all the way back on Hwy 2.
There’s nothing like a shower after camping or dinner out for a birthday.

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!


3 thoughts on “Icicle Creek and Eightmile

  1. Hi Ryan & Sarah….Happy 27th, Ryan. Looks like it was! Just sending your handmade card. Sorry it’s late (boy, the PO is terrible!!! *laugh*)
    Loved seeing the pics of both of you. Glad you had a fun week-end….Mom

  2. HI Ryan and Sarah, Loved seeing your blog Sarah…feels like I got to know you a little. Looks like Ryan got a perfect match!

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