Wenatchee for a Weekend

We ran off to Wenatchee for the weekend.  Partly to see friends and partly to recover from our crazy week.  It’s nice to leave town so there’s no possible way to attack the to-do list looming in your head.  Very irresponsible of us, I know.

Chilling by the Riverfront

Wenatchee was gorgeous, as usual.  It wasn’t as sunny as we were hoping, but it was mild!  We could walk outside without a sweatshirt and not be freezing.  Seattle hasn’t gotten the memo about it being almost July yet.  I’m still bundling in a scarf and raincoat to get to work.

Ryan is smirking because he’s drinking a milkshake

We went  to see good college friends of mine, and adore their toddler and admire the new baby bump.  Also to see my old Seattle roommate whose husband stole her off Wenatchee.  We spent the weekend in this pattern:  food, alcohol, relax/nap, coffee.  Ryan even got me to agree to a perusal of Home Depot, which is his favorite leisure activity.


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