A Week of Races

My sister got me to sign up for a 5k as an incentive to start running again.

Only she got me to sign up only 10 days before the race.  That’s a pretty steep training curve.  Throw in a nasty cold over the weekend, and I am pretty proud of myself for just making it across the finish line.  (Beating her by half a second didn’t hurt)

This week has been more than a little crazy.  The usual race of both of us getting up and to work on time with breakfast and lunch and a shower every morning.  And then racing home to get out the door again to Choir Camp.

Only we’re not singing, we’re taking care of the under 5 age group.   Twenty-five adorable chubby faces – toddlers full of energy and babies full of smiles.  They are great kids, cheerful and kind, share their toys with only a gentle reminder, stop fussing with a hug and a reminder to be happy, and relatively few meltdowns because mom wasn’t there.

The first few evenings weren’t very nice, so we were cooped up indoors with toy trains and Curious George movies.   But yesterday the sun came out and we went outdoors to burn off some energy!  Only a few handfuls of gravel eaten…  I keep telling myself this week is good training for when we have a family.  Except God doesn’t give them to you 25 at a time.


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